Morbid Curiosity est mort.

Called "The learned person's approach to all things dark and lovely" by the Azrael Project Newsletter, for 10 years Morbid Curiosity magazine presented true, first-person accounts of unusual experiences. Morbid Curiosity was an annual journal published and edited by Loren Rhoads. Selections from the magazine's 10 issues have been collected into the book Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues.

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Issue #1 (1997)

Out of print.

Issue #2 (1998)

Out of print.

Issue #3 (1999)

Out of print.

Issue #4 (2000)

Out of print.

Issue #5 (2001)

Out of print.

Issue #6 (2002)

Issue #7 (2003)

Issue #8 (2004)

Out of print

Issue #9 (2005)

Issue #10 (2006)

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