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The final issue of Morbid Curiosity, issue #10, was published in 2006.

Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues, a collection drawn from the magazine, was published by Scribner in September, 2009.

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Morbid Curiosity   Called "The learned person's approach to all things dark and lovely" by the Azrael Project Newsletter, Morbid Curiosity magazine presented true, first-person accounts of unusual experiences.
The Paramental Appreciation Society   Chapbook featuring four short stories set in San Francisco by members of the Paramental Appreciation Society: Seth Lindberg, Claudius Reich, Loren Rhoads, Lilah Wild.
Ashes & Rust   Chapbook with four dystopian stories about sex, death, and rock'n'roll by Loren Rhoads.
Ongaku Otaku   The only English-language magazine devoted exclusively to covering the wide scope of Japan's independent music scene.
Lend the Eye
a Terrible Aspect
  A collection of essays, fiction and artwork by a variety of writers and artists addressing the state of the world at the twilight of the 20th century.
Death's Garden   Relationships with Cemeteries: over 270 photographs of cemeteries around the world, together with writing by authors about their feelings for and experiences with cemeteries. The book is currently out of print.

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