Death's Garden

Death's Garden

Relationships with Cemeteries

From the back cover...

Spanning the globe from Argentina to Wall Street, twenty-seven photographers and authors document the residences of the dead.

Authors consider teenage suicide, the death of parents and friends, their own mortality, the transience of fame, and the nature of death itself.

Cemeteries provide a quiet place for meditation or the perfect site for a suicide; the best place for a ghostly game or to gossip about dead celebrities; the only place to really connect with others in our tumultuous modern world.

In over two dozen essays and more than 200 photographs, Death's Garden explores the complex relationships between the living and those who have gone before.


Mart J. Allard Blair Apperson Jennifer Behling Mary Jo Bole Jennifer L. Davis
Dana Fredsti Sabino Gadaleta Pleasant Gehman Mark Gunderson Jane Handel
Mary Susan Herczog Ann Marie Hovie Christine Hurt Mason Jones Seth Katz
Dan Kletter Mark Lo Lydia Lunch Tanya Monier Loren Rhoads
Benjamin Scuglia Jill Sharer Sharon 444 Brian Thomas

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ISBN: 0-9636794-1-4
(out of print)

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